May 19, 2020

Summoning the Muse

Incantation / Muse
by Sheila Packa

In the north
in the rising of waters
in the rising over the sun over the lake
in the rising of wind
in the rising of storms and love, of hawks, of music
where the dark world turns on its axis
beneath the constellations we are born under
where the stars cast their light infinitely
where the clouds cast their shadows

with your body’s strings, come
with your bridge across death, come
with your magic wands, come
with your ink stained breath
your winged instrument
with the flicker of lightning behind closed lids
with the spark that flares
with the smell of sulfur
touch the wicks and ignite the body
with the silk threads that are spun in the cocoons
weave the flights of migrating birds
above the silver lakes and blue green forests
above the smoke of the houses
above the circulation of the highways
lift me into the unfettered space
with your eyelash grant a wish
with your palm cupped against the cheek
let the waters rise brimming
with your cheek against my breast
let the waters come pouring
let the constant river come roaring
with your dreams made of star shine and smoke
with your music made of darkness and light

I come into your streams
I have untied myself
let go of my fear
I have been giving myself away
emptying myself for your gifts
I have prepared a home for you
lit the stars, turned down the blanket of night
come to meet you…


from Echo and Lightning
ISBN: 9780984377718
Available in bookstores
Wildwood River Press

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