October 3, 2013

Good News for Literary Fiction

"A striking new study found that reading literary fiction – as opposed to popular fiction or serious nonfiction – leads people to perform better on tests that measure empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence."


A Logic Model for Poetry?

Dream Big!  I want to foster the literature of Minnesota and the North, empower women, decrease the exploitation of the weak, create peace and make the world more beautiful.

Okay, I plan to make a living as a writer. In the Creative Community Leadership Institute, we have been discussing use of "The Logic Model." With it, individuals and organizations can develop projects or programs.  It is a way to strategize. Some people hate Logic Models, and other people find them useful.  As a poet, I was repelled by the concept--it's too linear! it's too insane! it kills creativity!--but now I've decided to try it.

Notice I'm not using it to build poems. For sure, it would not work.  But it might be useful as I build my career.  In the coming weeks, I will be modifying and developing this model.  I'm curious now.  Will it work?