February 3, 2020

Upcoming Poetry Readings

Poetry Readings and a March Writing Workshop: 

February 5, 2020 Wednesday 7pm at Zenith Bookstore, Duluth
"An Evening of Poetry with the Finns" will be held Wednesday, Zenith Bookstore, 318 N. Central Ave, Duluth, Minnesota

The Finlandia Foundation Northland Chapter celebrates Runeberg's Day (Runeberginpäivä), a national holiday in Finland honoring Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the national poet of Finland by offering a night of poetry featuring Finnish, Finnish-American, and Northland poets.

Featured poets include: Gary Boelhower, Daniel and Sandra Oyinloye, James (Jim) Johnson (read by Marlene Wisuri) Sheila Packa, Steve Leppälä, and Johan Ludvig Runeberg (read by Hanna Erpestad). Special Finnish treats "Runeberg Torte" (Runebergintorttu) made by Beatrice Ojakangas will be served. It's free; donations welcome.

March 14th, Saturday, 7 to 9pm at Wussow's Concert Cafe, Duluth, Minnesota
"No Time to Lose: Climate Emergency Poetry"

324 N. Central Avenue, Duluth

Join several Duluth poets (myself included) to share poems of motivation, optimism, love of nature, sustainability, inclusivity, and poems about the stark reality of climate change.

March 22, 2020 Sunday at 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the Boreal Writers' Guild, 214 East Howard Street, Hibbing, Minnesota: 
Writing Workshop and Reading
Workshop registration: $20
The Iron Range in northern Minnesota has a rich and interesting landscape, history, and people. Using guided writing exercises, participants will draw on their own experiences, memories, family history and landscape to make a story, memoir or poetry. We’ll look at some examples of good writing and play with some interesting and fun approaches. We will also have time to share the stories in our group. This workshop is for beginning and experienced writers.
A Poetry Reading by Sheila Packa will be followed by an open reading. 

April 5, 2020 Sunday 10 am at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Virginia, Minnesota
"Poetry and Sacred Texts" presentation of poems and a few excerpts of sacred texts by Sheila Packa

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