January 31, 2019

The Black-out Poem, Found Poem

Lately, there have been many who have posted poems using the black-out method. It is a variation of the "found poem." Here is an example that I pulled out from an excerpt of Heidegger's essay.

The Origin of the Work of Art by Martin Heidegger

Poetry, however, is no aimless imagining of whimsicalities, and no flight
of mere representations and fancies into the unreal. What poetry, as clearing
projection, unfolds of unconcealment and projects into the rift within the
figure is the open; poetry allows this open to happen in such a way, indeed,
that now, for the first time, in the midst of beings, it brings them to
and sound. If we fix our gaze on the essence of the work and its relation to
happening of the truth of beings, it becomes questionable whether the
essence of poetry, of
that is to say, projection, can be adequately thought in
terms of imagination and the power of imagining.

The Origin of the Work of Art by Martin Heidegger

no aimless flight and
poetry, as clearing
unfolds   unconceals
the rift within the figure

open; poetry
allows shine and sound.
on the work and its
happening that is to say,

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