January 18, 2016

Poetry & Spirit

No matter what your spiritual practice, poetry can deepen it.


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These articles by Sheila Packa explore sacred texts and poetry. Each has links to source materials. The Poetry and Spirit Group @ UUCD for the Interfaith Group (2014).  The participants read selected sacred text(s) at each session and these were followed by writing exercises.

The Forms of Grief - Kaddish, Eulogy, Elegy, Requiem, and Poetry of Witness

Walt Whitman and Dharma - Bhagavad Gita

The Language of the Mystics - The Cloud of Unknowing, Mechthild von Magdeburg

Emily Dickinson: Poetry and Spirit - Emily's poems are based on a hymn structure

Carl Jung and Spirit of the Depth: Gnosticism and Art

Poetry and the Spirit - Diving for the Pearl

Thunder of New Wings - New Beginnings and Margarite Porete - The Mirror of Simple Souls

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