June 5, 2015

Dusk 'til Dawn

This is a sneak peak of the large scale projection planned for June 13, 2015 Northern Spark Festival in Minneapolis. Mill City Requiem for Solo Instrument and Distance.  Interactive web film by Kathy McTavish with text by Sheila Packa.  These lines are from my poem "Dusk" in Echo and Lightning (Wildwood River Press, c2010).

on her body / dusk
the circle of light
from the lamp falls on a pot
upon a round bowl
in front of the window
on her hips
roses bloom
as if the light has found
a way to enter the body
it's raining outside
water flows into the vessels
and blossoms and out
on the umbrella
over the empty table
on the lilacs
as if music as if light
plunged into the clouds
and the clouds wrapped
around its fists
green leaves all hearts
and stems like vines
and the light in the body
went into the roots
and the roots were sending it back
as if we were wrapped
by clouds and rain
and in the center
darkness lifted

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