April 2, 2015

Enter Text

Exciting news! Kathy McTavish and I have just been accepted into a one month arts residency, "Enter Text," for poets, writers and text-based artists. Arteles is near Tampere, Finland.

Enter Text

Residency program for poets, writers, and text-based artists at Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. The one-month residency period occurs October/November 2015.

Fiction writing, visual/sound/traditional poetry, graphic novels, code art, calligraphy, typography… All are equally greeted with joy and creativity in Finland with other enthusiastic, international text artists and writers.

Silent nature and solitude

Surrounded by beautiful forests, fields and lakes, Arteles Residency provides the perfect setting for intense writing and mindplay close to the nature. The same award-winning landscapes (European Union Landscape Award 2009) have also been an inspiration for F. E. Sillanpää, the Nobel Prize winning author born and raised in the region.

The predefined structure of the program is very flexible, allowing you all the time & space you need in order to take your work where it wants to go. Weekly group meetings are a good chance for feedback and discussions, but if you feel more like barricading in your writer’s chamber, you are completely free to do so, as all participation is 100 % voluntary.

Experiment freely

To accompany the intensive solo practice, the program is an excellent opportunity to join forces with other text-based creatives from around the world. Share, examine, go cross-genre – play around and see what comes out. Brainstorms to be finished in the heat of the traditional Finnish sauna.

Read more and apply online at:

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