May 24, 2010

Alejandra Pizarnik

I love this fragment from poet Alejandra Pizarnik, from Argentina (1936-1972):

“dije you, perio me referia al alba luminosa…”

“I said I but I was referring to the luminous dawn…”

This is from her work, "Pathways of the Mirror, " from Poems for the Millenium: The Univ of California Book of Modern and Post-Modern Poetry. (1998)

Alejandra Pizarnik:  "If only I were able to live solely in ecstasy, making the body of the poem with my body, redeeming each phrase with my days and weeks, infusing the poem with my breath for each word that has been sacrificed in the ceremonies of living.

"Poetry is the place where everything happens. Similar to love, humor, suicide and every profoundly subversive act, poetry is not interested in that which is not its freedom or truth. To say freedom or truth and refer these words to the world we live in or do not live in is to tell a lie. It isn't when they are attributed to poetry: the place where all is possible."

More information about Pizarnik

This is the work that inspired my poem "I Said I" in Cloud Birds. It echoed the Finnish women poets whose metaphor was woman as landscape.

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